Airport runs. That was what today was all about.

Ms Maus had an outbound flight at 0950 meaning she and I drove to Heathrow at 0730 and dropped her off at Terminal 1. Then I drove home.

Dr Beverly had an outbound flight at 1500, so she needed to be dropped off sometime between 1330-1400 as Scotland for the purposes of BMI is a domestic flight.

Did I mention that Mr Mole was inbound around 1700?

There was absolutely no way I was driving back home and returning to Heathrow (about 30 miles each way) a third time.

I went to Egham.



and wandered around. There is a small museum there; really a collection of stuff all run by volunteers.

Poster on Tudor in area

Poster on Tudor in area

which has an occasional bit and bob from early on, a large number of photos of the town from the early 1900s on and a discussion of Dr Holloway –

Royal Holloway College

Royal Holloway College

who, with his fortune made off patent medicines, established a rather fine women’s college. Go figure.

Other than that, Egham is probably noted for being near the M25 and Runneymeade.

After picking the young man up at Terminal 1 (no, not Terminal 4 or other confusions, Terminal 1), we went home.

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