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  1. Chuckling at the image of the quarters competing with In’N’Out and the likely relief on the kid’s face.

    Thai Thai for now!

  2. How fun to go back to an old haunt! Of course, I raised my kids right,(which is to say forced them to listen to MY music) so even the youngest would have recognized songs if that mini juke box had worked. 🙂

  3. And, after all of that along with the puns – we wound up at a lovely Italian place since the Thai door was tied…..

  4. Right, well we are having cauliflower and broccoli soup (home made) and fresh baked wholemeal bread with sunflower seeds (also homemade)….and lunch was vegetarian chilli bean and wholemeal pasta – followed by pears and yoghurt. I also like to know what I am eating – and which kitchen it came from. It annoys me to pay more for one dish than I would spend to feed two (or more) of us – and when we take other people who look as if they do not want to be there either. Local fancy restaurant is currently offering a lunch “special” – two courses are a mere $65. I could feed ten people well for that! Guess I am a mingy one who does not like to let the moths out of my sporran.

  5. I am totally with you on that cold mashed pyramid. I don’t give a dang how tall the food is and am not a fan of dribbles of sauce artfully placed on the plate.

    So sorry the juke box didn’t work!

  6. I love it. Eating out is still special here. Not as special as it used
    to be, but still definitely budgeted.

    When Zera was little, I’d work as a dishwasher in a restaurant over
    the lunch hour from my library job in exchange for food. That food is
    probably what kept me alive. There were too many days with less than
    1000 calories.

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