This morning I was all set to tell you about the white, powdery dust that infiltrates everything. Sliding in your ears while you sleep, leaving a thin coat on all surfaces and making you decide that towels are best left to dry inside the schrank.

But then we went to the local range to make sure that nothing had happen to our weapons in transport. For the 9mm people it was easy – fire into the berm. The M16 crew all had to rezero since we are at 5000+ feet.

As we are standing there, hanging out, waiting for the rest of those who had been told to show up at 0615 (did I mention that it is now after 0700?) – the sky opened up and the rain came. And came down some more. This was followed by cold wind and a good bit of hail which seriously made a racket on the tin roof covering our waiting area.

Now, let me tell you about mud……..

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One Response to Dust

  1. Pat says:

    I love you. 🙂 You are so funny & such a brilliant writer. This was
    priceless. 🙂 Hope the day gets better,

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