Duh, it is Belgium

Does anyone remember the movie ” Today is Tuesday, it must be Belgium?”

And before you ask, no I haven’t seen it. But from what everyone has told me, it details one of those 7 countries in 10 day whirl wind bus tours of Europe. Back in the day. Before cruise ships, before the wall came down and long before massive electronics or the EU.

Well, today we are in Brugge and it just happens to be on a Tuesday. This adventure is well more than half over. In fact, we dock in Copenhagen on Friday.

Meanwhile, there is chocolate, lots and lots of chocolate. And embroidery, lace and waffles. What is more, the rain has stopped. Having lunch with friends.

What is not to like?


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  1. AlisonH says:

    Finally, Americans have begun to discover great chocolate, too… Thank you Mr. Scharffenberger and (trying to remember what the other guy’s name was.)

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