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  1. Holly, I printed out the pattern a while ago, and now I see how neat it is. Do you like knitting it? I hate sewing up seams so any picking up I can do, I will. Will also work the sleeves top down.

    Thanks for posting this. I’m going to buy yarn for it.

    • The knitting has been smooth – provisional cast on for the bottom vertical section then continue on up the one side. Take out the cast on and work up the other side. (please remember to reverse the direction you take the yarn off the ball.

      I am working the middle section by knitting back and forth, ending each row with a K2tog and pick up one. (making sure that the pickups are from the inside to the outside.

      These are set in sleeves, you could knit them down if you don’t mind purling and doing short rows the same way to start.

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