Drops Cardigan

There I was, minding my own business – I have the yarn – both the Brunswick

Hawaii Colorway

Hawaii color

and a ball of it and the mohair wound together.

mixed ball

mixed ball

I get to the split for the armholes, work up the back

most of the body

and then both sides. After binding off the shoulders,

Body Complete

shoulders complete

I realize that I am over halfway done with the sweater. Just sleeves and the collar to go.

Wicked Eyelet Vest

Continuing with the short attention span theme here (Phoenix and Scheherazade on hold for a couple of days)

I forgot to show you the yarn


Brunswick Yarn

and here is where I am on the vest

Wicked Eyelet

Wicked Eyelet

the best thing about both is that they are completely stash mining projects!


I have listened my way through the three Yasmine Galenorn books (Witchling, Changeling, and Darkling). This is another case where I think they are better in audio than in hard copy. Even with the helpful filler material, the second and third are not stand-a-lone and need to be read/heard in order. I pulled them from iTunes, they are also available from Audiobookstand….

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