Drops 120-45

Found here on the Garn Studio site. Haven’t gotten around to entering this one on Ravelry yet.



Knit on 3.00 mm needles from 10 -50 gm balls of Fortissima Colori – 6 fach in color 4006 and about 1 1/2 balls of Knit Picks palate as a supplement and I-cord

The front and back are not exactly the same, but then I can’t see both sides at the same time.

now, to choose another project with a thought about blocking shawls this weekend.

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5 Responses to Drops 120-45

  1. The cat says:

    The speed with which you manage to knit leaves me panting….now how about starting on a shetland lace type pi?

    • Holly says:

      Ah, no desire to knit a shetland pi shawl. You are insane, I am just crazy. And garter stitch is not that hard, just lots and lots and lots of identical stitches!

  2. AlisonH says:

    Wow. Gorgeous. LOOK at that!!!

  3. ruth says:

    I like it a lot! Really neat!

  4. Patricia says:

    Wow, what a great jacket. I just love the design and the colors. Can’t wait to check it out on ravelry!

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