Driving by

Fredrick, Hagerstown, Pittsburg, Youngtown and a lot of small tows whose names are unfamiliar. There are also those that I vaguely remember from driving the DC to Ft Drum route in 1990-1991.

Gwen wasn’t thrilled but rode in the back seat, the seat belt safely strapped through her harness unfairly limiting her movements (in her opinion). After her soft whining didn’t accomplish anything other than reprimands – she grudgingly gave in and napped between pit stops.

The weather has held so far, the temperatures right around freezing no matter which temperature scale you favor without precipitation. The traffic has not been heavy and I will say that there are definite advantages to toll roads over local driving with lost people and lots of stop lights. I am ignoring my back which is not particularly happy with long driving hours at a stretch which is the explanation for not pushing through in 1 day and getting this over.

We are staying at LaQuinta’s. First, an aside about the expensive and snooty hotels which are the main stay of the upper end business traveler. You know when you are in one of those places: there is fancy name small bottles of product in the bathrooms; they are over decorated and under heated; you are charged for breakfast served by an individual of any race with the mandatory French name tag; and, of course, you are charged for internet at a seriously overflated price per 24-hour period.

La Qunita’s, on the other hand, is your average US chain motor lodge along the by-ways and highways of the Interstate Highway system. Like it’s fellow chains – Comfort Inn, Holiday Inn Express – it features drive-up unload yourself service. The registration people have ordinary US names like Brenda, June, Ahmed, Maria, Kahl, and Vekesha. Friendly and accommodating, they let you check in a couple of hours early when you look exhausted. Some, like Brenda, are Army brats who are in the Jessup area because her mother retired out of Ft Meade a number of years ago. Other, like Ahmed, moved to the US as a child when his parents immigrated. June and her husband have been living in Ohio their entire lives and working at this particular location for over a decade.

Breakfast is included, the rooms are neat and scrupulously clean, the WiFi is free and breakfast is included. What is most important, they are pet friendly. The rules, which you sign on registration are clear and simple: keep the animal under control and out of food, exercise and pool areas; don’t leave it alone to create a fuss; clean up after it.

What is not to like?

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4 Responses to Driving by

  1. Brad says:

    I have prescribed back braces for my patients with back problems to wear only when they are driving. I have gotten good reports back on that.

  2. Bill R says:

    Are u considering Colorado? Much to see here.

  3. Mitch says:

    Except for the time last June when Sally and I wanted to spend the night in Rapid City, SD, on our way back from the west coast. The La Quinta there wanted $200 for the night with AARP discount. We drove on another 90 miles. This particular La Quinta had a water park.

  4. Cheryl says:

    Hampton Inns is another chain like that.

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