Driving all day

or at least it seemed that way.

I dashed into work early to empty out all the work email, talk to a few people in the building and look at the long range schedule.

Picked up the Mole at Heathrow (plane was late, luggage was checked). Came home. Took him to Rochester (Kent, not New York) to get him settled in at school. Drove home.


I didn’t have enough energy to knit, sew, do laundry or even think about summer.

Audio Books

am working my way through the JD Robb series again in audio. Had Heather Graham’s The Dead Room going in the car. Ms Soprano had the opinion that the main character was too much of a “Mary Sue.” I am starting to get bored with four disks to go… have lots of other choices. Might just move on to a Linda Howard collection

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