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Mostly I am trying to do paperwork. My vouchers are all filed and I am cranking through the last of the performance appraisals. Only one signature to go on the scavenger hunt. Another day with essentially no knitting.


Have you seen Estrid, by Elsebeth Lavold? It is in her Second Viking Knits Collection (Book 9 of her collections). I like it, I want to knit it, and I even have the handspun ready to go.

I just have to order the book, knit everything in the queue before that, make sure that I get all the socks from the 52 pair plunge completed, and ….. and ….


Which leads me to a couple of additions to the stash.
for socks – One of the new Opals, an Opal Bamboo on sale and some luscious hand-dyed charcoal wool/silk/ramie that will be for fancy socks for me.


On the Kauni front – since I use up less that 400gm of yarn in sweaters for me – I picked up equal amounts of

I might contrast them – or use either against handspun in the stash.

Books & Audio Books

I have Sue Grafton’s T is for Temptation checked out from the library. Personally, I am not a fan of switching back and forth on POV. She did this in another book, and I didn’t like it there. I find it tough going and not up to the standard of the first 10+ in the series.

Double Shot is on the car CD (Diane Mott Davidson). I had missed this one before and was going back and catching up on ones that I had missed. This particular book has Goldie being unbelievably stupid, even for her. And the author must not be familiar with teen age boys. The behavior she has for Arch is what you would usually see out of 8-12, not 15. There is a huge difference at those ages. (tell me about it, as I look at the huge shoes my son left near the door – and I don’t think I am going to be able to cure him prior to 17).

It is not that I hate either book, but I have read better by both authors.


Take an empty bowl

Add blackberries
And no-fat sour cream.


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