Door Locks

Now, locking a door is a simple thing, right? pull it shut and you are all set. If you are highly security conscious this might also involve additional keys, deadbolts and security codes.

Sounds familiar?

Not here!

With the number of people transferring in and out, keeping key control would range from extremely difficult to impossible.

The two most common options (leaving out those locations which are undr direct human control) are padlock and number punch. A combination lock is fairly common. It is used by billeting as they own the locks and provide the current resident with the code. When the room turns over, they swap locks around so that a former resident can not come back and empty out a location.

The rest of the locations have a steel box mechanism with a line of verticle buttons which can be pushed. Numbered 1-5 in the case of most of the ones here, if you don’t know the code you are out of luck. The latrines in the billeting areas all use three digit sequences. The more secure offices have four or five buttons required in the correct sequence. If you do the math, it becomes obvious that you are extremely unlikely to be lucky enough to hit the code by standing there all night hitting random number combinations. Adding to the challenge is that some locks require a double sequence as well as single numbers.

I am not sure how easy it is to reset the lock mechanism, but I believe it would not be all that hard.

Right now I only have to remember the entry code for three different doors. It was two at Ft Benning since the latrine there was inside the building.

And the padlock.

My poor brain is seizing…..

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2 Responses to Door Locks

  1. Carmen says:

    s is where “Sharpie tattoos” come in real handy.

    It isn’t hard to reset the number codes. I have then on a field room and we change them when we release staff. By ‘we’ I mean the Facilities building rep does.

  2. Ann says:

    After locking himself out of the house numerous times, () installed a fingerprint lock on the house. Now I have a one in ten chance of opening the door!!

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