Door holly

Since having my door decoration stolen on the Radiance I have been reluctant to start placing it on the door again. Admittedly it is only a spring of artificial holly purchased in Dec 12 at the Southport Mall Dollar store augmented by two strands of beads and an RCI ribbon taken from one of the gift packs.

My door

My door

Somehow I couldn’t see staid Germans on the Ariana having enough of a sense of humor to appreciate my whimsy. On the Independence, my desire to put it up warred with the potential for embarrassing Ms Maus and College Guy. That and somehow it seemed a bit tacky to cover the suite name and number. Now that I am on the Legend, my sense of adventure has returned. The upgrade fairy gifted me with a balcony. On Deck 7, I am midship on the portside. So mid-ship as a matter of fact that I can I see my cabin as I leave the stairs. So for that matter can everyone else.

a view from the stairs/elevator on Deck 7

a view from the stairs/elevator on Deck 7

My cabin steward has a sense of humor. It remains to be seen if others do as well.

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  1. AlisonH says:

    This sounds as if it got stolen and returned? Or did you replace it? Holly for our Holly–I like it.

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