Don’t want no picture

I made the mistake of announcing to offspring that I would like an updated picture of the four of them. Should it matter that it would make me happy and that the most current photo probably dates from around 2007? Like from before the UK assignment!

Anyway – today was the last possible day since I am on a plan tomorrow and Ms Soprano on one (with dog) the day after. As the sun is headed down the overcast sky they congregate on the terrace.

I took a dozen shots. I don’t have one that has everyone with their eyes open, much less smiling. Maus always looks good in photos. The Mole was willing to leave off the hat. I think the Eldest likes the back of her head showing more than the front. Ms S just claims that she is not photogenic and should be excused.

So, that is why you are seeing this note, but no photo….. it is going to take photo-shopping several to come up with a composite unless they do one for me.

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6 Responses to Don’t want no picture

  1. Ruth says:


    I can truly relate to this post! I wanted a simple picture of the four of us that were here last week. Did n’t happen. Never mind trying to get all six of us in one place at the same time. Last “family” photo, which is terrible, dates from Dec 2004. Well…amost Family photo…two shots, each with 5 people, because of of us had to work the camera!

  2. Bob says:

    Have you tried Picasa? It’s free and does a great job of creating collages. Just grab however many individual pictures you want, from anywhere on your computer, and Picasa will create and permit you to tweak a collage. Then you can send copies via email.

  3. Steven says:

    Sending love

  4. Bruce says:

    If you photoshop, you may be able to get all smiling. We can’t get one to smile.

  5. Chere says:

    May all creation bless the person who came up with the Photoshop idea.

  6. Barbara says:

    What does “I’m on a plan” tomorrow mean?
    Oh maybe you mean you’re on a plane?
    Happy New Year,

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