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  1. I meant to offer a small thought on tips for shopping in Chicago. For
    food, yes, the chains are pretty expensive. The small corner stores
    are worse. The cheapest places to buy food are at the neighborhood
    ethnic groceries — Mexican, Puerto Rican, Jewish, Russian, Polish,
    Hindi. Whatever is the dominant immigrant group in the neighborhood
    will tend to have both the most interesting food choices and the
    cheapest prices. Why, I don’t know, but that is what I found when I
    lived in Chicago (granted, this was 15 years ago!). I expect any kid
    of yours will probably like ethnic foods. 😉

  2. Our daughter lived on Aerobeds for quite a while until she bought her futon. Still uses Aerobeds alot!
    If you need help or crash pad in Skokie, my brother …..

  3. Ah, thanks…makes much more sense now. FYI, I ‘taught’ at Columbia a few years back to their Cinematography dept. Wish I could remember the dean/dept head’s name, but it was a fun filled couple of trips for a couple days each.

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