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Don’t just close the door — 9 Comments

  1. A rueful, surprised guffaw at the punch line. Sorry you had to go
    through that! (Him, yes, but he brought it on himself.)

  2. Doing the latch is strictly a female thing as we feel more threatened. Guys don’t give a damn!

  3. As I waited patiently for my limited time in the bathroom, as a husband and father of two girls, my old days as a transportation office came back to me.

    I announced to Chere that I had finally figured out the delta in time in bathroom spent: girls versus boys.

    Girls, I said, have more moving parts; so they require more maintenance.

  4. How ’bout battery-operated LEDs that activate (light up) when the door is opened and someone is inside, and goes out when the facility is empty?

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