Don’t forget

your towel.

traveling by train

traveling by train


This is my bowel towel (much appreciate the correction noted by HelenHalla) affixed to my backpack. Now perhaps you recognize the reference to Douglas Adam’s Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy but in any case, you should not leave home without your towel.


Ignore this advice if you are traveling in a really civilized manner such as business class on a really nice airline or perhaps on a name cruise line. If you stay in the lower ranking hotels, they will always have towels, some of them even bigger than napkins and if you ask nicely you can usually get an extra so as to be able to dry both your body and hair.


But if you are traveling by train – they don’t provide towels and the same goes for most buses, campgrounds and normal car rides. Hence if you bring your own towel you are prepared for just about anything.


A good size towel can serve as a beach blanket if you are lucky enough to be along a shore line. It can provide you with drying power or coverup when those pesky normal body coverings are drenched.

hanging out in the motel room

hanging out in the motel room

I am going to take it snorkeling, and across the ocean to Barcelona. With any luck it will be joined by several more as I think it makes a much nicer thank you gift than things to eat or drink.

As you are reading this – my towel and I are relaxing on ship ready for our next adventure.

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2 Responses to Don’t forget

  1. Ruth says:

    Good use of towel for educational purposes! My standard high school grad gift for several years now has been the humble towel, accompanied by a copy of the page from HitchHiker’s Guide to explain the “why” to the un-initiated. Enjoy your travels.

  2. I do love comic typos. Love the towel advice, but I’ll keep my bowel internal for now. 😉

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