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  1. My Jigsaws Galore still runs on my new iMac which I’m pretty sure is 64 bit. At the very least, there is a free version. The full version lets you easily create your own jigsaws just the way you like them.
    I tried doing a physical jigsaw on the ship today. After spending an hour getting the outside border of a difficult 1000er put together, I took a break. When I returned, it was all back in the box.

    • What pain. It seems like you need a sign on it say – HEY! I am working on this.

      I do have one of the Jigsaw programs. But I would rather work Jigsaws by hand. Solitaire? No way. Nor can I really do Match3 or Bubble Poppers by hand. Sooner or later, the game site will get fixed….

    • yes! and had a restful night. No vitals at 0200, no blood draw at 0400, no check 0630 check before shift change!

  2. Wanted: Beach Front property in Scottsdale! Must come with excellent wi-fi service for MacBook Pro. Wanted: Fake face and fingerprints!

    • Exactly.

      Or the start of a horror story where Siri sucks off your face and your finger prints

  3. Haha – even I know where Scottsdale is!

    I have given up on fingerprint sign in. Mine are now so ‘degraded’ with age that they don’t work! Back to the PIN.

  4. I disabled two factor authentication . When you have 5 Apple devices, it wants to send 4 different codes, and then also, while traveling, when I have only paid for one device on a cruise, it shuts me down. I agree with the fingerprint. But, don’t worry, the latest greatest is worse. Facial recognition . I have relegated myself to word games. At least I have to think a bit more.

  5. George did that – which means that it has to cycle through the fact that I am not the expected face, then offer me the four digit option. Perhaps it is ok for men, but WHY?

  6. It’s turning into ‘Big Brother’ by the mega companies. The mil has enough of info including our DNA. I’d refuse to allow them to have it.

    • Exactly. I can live with the military and Pathology having samples of me. But Apple? FB? devices in general?

      Beam me up, Scottie

  7. Snerk. Indeed. My brother just phoned me in a panic because he is in the middle of the California fires, trying to fly out, can’t print a boarding pass because no internet (long story), and he wanted to learn how to organize boarding passes in Apple Wallet…..suggested that just using the app for the specific airline he’s using will be sufficient, and grab a screenshot in case connectivity for the phone is also lost. Keep it simple, and plan backups. We talked about a LOT of different ways in which to make travel easier and less stressful, backups for if this or that happens. I never ever though of myself as being an expert in any of this, but I guess I am compared to most of my family!

    • I do use Apple Wallet. Which doesn’t seem to make sense given the rest of my attitude – but there is something deeply satisfying about having one location to find all of my tickets and boarding passes from the last six years regardless of airline or event

  8. Agreed, & I refuse that nonsense every time. Secondary “recovery email/ phone #s” too.
    The minimum is all they get on me and every search starts with a nontracking site. My spam and junk email are so much better now.

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