Do I look fat

in this box?

in the peaces box

in the peaches box

This is Odin, Carmen’s cat who, in typical cat fashion appeared the moment the box landed on the floor. He is not a small cat. While the box is not all that tiny,



as you can see he well overflows the box.

you have got to be kidding!

you have got to be kidding!

None the less, like the traditional joke where the foolish woman asks her husband a question about her appearance then is stunned and startled by the answer, so is Odin not pleased when we started to laugh as both Carmen and I started the joke at the same time. Just filling in the “So, do I look fat in this box?” for the traditional inquiry about pants.


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One Response to Do I look fat

  1. Cheryl says:

    That is so cute! FYI, there is a way out of the “does this make look fat?” trap-the husband can always say that the garment in question just isn’t flattering, thereby telling the truth and bypassing the fight at the same time.

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