This is the last content day of the IDROC (Introduction to Disaster Relief Operations Course). There is an exercise planned for the afternoon and tomorrow all the working groups will present their findings.

The quote for the day

“Lack of Planning on your part does not make a disaster on my part.”

As far as the UK military is concerned, the Navy is the only one of the three services that actually has a dedicated disaster relief role, which makes sense once you think about the Navy and ports. As a result, they are probably the service with the most experience in working with local authorities. Unlike in the US, the military here (including the Territorial Army) has no role equivalent to that of the National Guard. Also of interest here is that the Chief Constable is the lead authority in the Interagency Process including on the ground command and control. (In the US as well as several other countries of which I am familiar, it is the Fire Chief who has this job).

We went on from there to cover nutritional issues in Humanitarian Relief Operations, Epidemiology of Disasters and ended up with an interesting panel discussion. Said discussion proved the point that there is a communication gap between those in the military and those who work in NGOs.


I cast on the Shawl Collared Vest (From Wool Gathering #48)
Start of the Shawl Collared Vest

and managed a few more rows on the Viking Ship Sweater. It is fun to watch the heads develop on the beasts, but a couple of errors I have been ignoring are going to require some slick work. The front and back may not completely match but at least the left and right on each side do.
Dragon Ship Heads


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