Did I leave the house?

The Terrace, Camberley, Surrey, UK

At five or so in the afternoon when a knock came on my door, I had to scramble to be fit enough to answer. It was an invitation to dinner at my one neighbors. Unfortunately for me, they are leaving in the next couple of months as he is retiring from the Navy. It was a lovely evening of good conversation and great risotto.

Otherwise, I was having such a fine time, I probably would not have left the house. Certainly the niceties of being appropriately dressed for others had not been a consideration.

Yes, I am serious, and some of the fun didn’t even involved the computer.


I planned out a rece for tomorrow – I need to see how to get to Richmond where the youngest two will be going to school next year. At least if everything works out all right with their interviews on Tues. Which is why I need to know how to get there.

And since this didn’t help


I gave up and went to Mappy.


I just realized that I had not really posted the mis-match socks – so here they are.

or together –

Audio Books

Obstruction of Justice by Perri O’Shaughnessy


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