Diamond Fantasy

Managing to get through the say, download a few software updates and stay away pegged my fun meter until afterwork when it was back out to try and catch the few rays peaking through the crowds.

Diamond Fantasy Shawl

Completing the shawl, I went ahead with the I-cord edging
Knitting the I-Cord
which went rapidly. I guess there were not quite as many stitches as I had thought. It just seems like purling back takes forever.
Bound off
After a nice 30 minute soak in the sink following the end weaving in,
I proceeded with what was referred to as severely block the scarf.
Not having any fancy blocking equipment, I had to settle for my Clover daisy headed pins and an old mattress pad.

Diamonds showing clearly

Would you believe I had almost 10 yards (of the 367) left over. Guess I should have knit two more rows!


On Quarter Share by Nathan Lowell. He has joined the Podiobooks forum on Ravelry, which has added to my interest. Tells a nice tale.


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