departing books

I made a trip up into the attic this morning before even my morning coffee. The temperature rises rapidly and I had every intention of beating the heat. The socks are as sorted as is going to be and the rest are going to become loopers as a friend needs some cat mats. Sleeves has been completed and only awaits blocking.

The attic stairs pull down from a trap in our kitchen ceiling.



As you would expect, the air is still and the space is criss-crossed with spider webs which might be why every decent horror story includes an attic. Failing an attic there is normally a cellar with a hidden room of evil. I just adore tropes.

its like that the whole way back

its like that the whole way back

Where was I? Oh yes, covered with dirt and cobwebs ready to sacrifice more books of books to the ravening hordes who descend on the bookshelves of Neuegasse like the starving. Staging the boxes on the stairs provided a bit of short term entertainment and limited the amount of time I had to endure the moth and spider infested place. Mostly the boxes are small; eliminating the strain on my back but increasing markedly the trip. On the other hand, it sounds more impressive to say that I emptied a baker’s dozen boxes of books than 3.

and feels more like progress

and feels more like progress

Armed with pre-printed labels, scissors, strong coffee and clear tape it looks like I will be mostly labeling series romance today. Unfortunately I accumulated an excessive amount when we lived in Munich. Depressed, turning 50, living where I knew no one outside of the family, reading provided the perfect escape. No thought, no brains, not at all current reality.

After spending most of the day on the terrace, I relocated inside when the sun became too hot.

organized, stacked and still a lot of entry to do

organized, stacked and still a lot of entry to do

I have labeled almost all of this batch and have entered a goodly number into Bookcrossing. The ones on the chair have still to be entered but I am making progress. (We will not say anything at all about the three boxes still remaining on the patio). A number of the knitters are stopping by tomorrow so I am hoping a few books will leave with them. The rest will be dropped off at Neuegasse Bücherregal to find new homes. I am hoping they enjoy their journey.

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6 Responses to departing books

  1. Barb says:

    You are doing a mitzvah giving others the joys of reading! Reading is a wonderful escape from our daily lives!

  2. AlisonH says:

    I wish our house had an attic… Meantime, yes. You are giving the great gift of a good read. Well done!

  3. Helen says:

    So, when you have finished your place….ours awaits you!

  4. Kris says:

    Now that is a project! You are on a roll. I go through that every now and then. I love how good it feels to get rid of stuff. And then, somehow, it multiplies again.

  5. Cat says:

    Oh – well you know what our place looks like and it isn’t going to change any time soon.

  6. S & P says:

    your spring cleaning has gotten along quite well I/we are impressed,

    we did about another 6-8 hrs just before be barred down on Scotland, so that makes about 2 weeks in the garage spring c

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