It is not that I don’t have enough to do – but had to add in a trip to the dentist. You see, I started having problems with this particular tooth back a ways. So like a good girl, I go to the dentist and discover that yep, that old filling was falling out, decay under neath and it now needs a root canal. Lovely welcome home from Australia.

Color me less than thrilled. Part two – I was supposed to be back in April and finish up the procedure, but that was the Lufthansa strike. So moving ahead to the end of April when the temp filling falls out, leaving me with spending part of my only evening in town between the Legend and Oasis getting another temp filling at the emergency dental clinic.

Then I go to Phoenix, and California and where ever else that I don’t remember. Once finally back here at the beginning of this month – oh, yes – the Independence! The Med! Obviously I am spending too many days on ships…

Ok, where was I? Oh yes, coming home from the dentist on my second visit for this tooth (the previous visiting being last week when it was either not ripe enough or too ripe. I was tired and had soothing music so that my ear buds would drown out the drill) with everything set except for getting a crown in about six months.

Remember I mentioned that there were those living near the train station like trolls under the bridge? Seems like they have upscaled a bit.


same location, much better digs....

same location, much better digs….

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