Deck 6

Since I never did give you postings before concerning what passes for Art and Decoration on the Mariner – this is your opportunity to get a peak each day as I while away my time on sea days and you are spared the comments about “reading and knitting” since those are my main activities on sea days. Oh, and studying – let me not forget to wail about upcoming exams on a regular basis.

Anyway – I am going to go in progression with the Main passenger decks 6-10, then finishing up with those largely devoted other activities but have significant numbers of people crammed into inside cabins along with paired ilne-ups of cabins with “ocean view” aka portholes. Since all of these cabins are above the water line, the porthole lets light in during the day but offers no opportunity especially in times of rough seas for idiots to open up an opportunity to introduce large amounts of sea water to the interior of the ship.

As is the trend on RCI ships – the areas at the entrance to the outside corridors off of which the cabins are located have paired sets of vertical display cases. Going along the corridor, each side has a larger horizontal case. The theme on this ship seems to be transportation –

Deck 6 relates to trains.

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  1. carmen says:

    With a name like Mariner, a train motif is a little incongruous. Cute though.

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