Daylight Savings

It was lovely having that extra hour of daylight this evening.
I used it driving back from Bournemouth where I had attended the Wessex Limmund Day at Bournemouth University. We were not on the beach – surrounded instead by
ReceptionBuildingMore Uni

less than exciting campus buildings.

The program itself provided usually four choices at each session time ranging from music and meditation through various historical subjects to Rashi and Talmund. An essentially volunteer run organization, Limmund is dedicated to Jewish Education. Started in the UK, the idea and organization has now spread to the Continent (oh, how quickly one gets used to the UK being the center of the Universe), Russia, OZ, Turkey, Canada and the US.

After the opening speach by the Bournemouth Mayor who was also part of the organization

Opening presentation

we all headed in different directions. I listened to presentations on The Jews in Hungary, 100 Blessings (Daily), Jewry in the American Civil War, Maimonides and cantoral music.

The day ended with David Solomon doing the whole of the Tanakah (all 39 books of the Bible) in one hour.

David Soloman

Both learned and funny, David is a dynamic teacher complete with time lines on the wall, magic marker in his hand (stick figures) marking out from Genesis to the building of the second temple.


It was still light – I have a few flowers
small flowersviolets
plus Daffodils and ???
daffodilswe are what?


Tomato Dill bread with spicy couscous, salad and Cyprus soft cheese.

oh, and I almost forgot!


I made a bit of progress on DS’s vest
Slipover 30 march 2008


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  1. Sarah R says:

    I’m pretty sure that the little blue flower is a grape hyacinth.

    Like the ones here:

    They are pretty little flowers.

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