Day at Sea

Black Sea Discovery Cruise

13 Oct – Depart from Istanbul
14 Oct – Day at Sea
15 Oct – Trabzon, Turkey
16 Oct – Sochi, Russia
17 Oct – Sochi, Russia
18 Oct – Yalta, Ukraine
19 Oct – Sevastopol, Ukraine
20 Oct – Odessa, Ukraine
21 Oct – Constanza, Romania
22 Oct – Nesebur, Bulgaria
23 Oct – Istanbul, Turkey
24 Oct – Istanbul -> Airport


Since this was a day at sea with no obligations and no where to go – I knit. I had forgotten just how long it takes to knit anything on size 3,00 mm needles in garter stitch. In any case, I managed to get through the first sleeve for Mermaid (Hanne Falkenberg) in various shades of purple. It is one of those knits where it doesn’t pay to think about it too hard. Rather, following directions is the way to go and it worked.

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