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Day 9 and Sea Day 5 — 4 Comments

  1. It sounds like you hit the jackpot at your table, and I wonder if that’s the same guitarist I had the last time. If so, he was a real highlight.

  2. Ok…we understand, you’re having a blast in the middle of the Atlantic, but I also know they have talent shows on these cruises. Here’s a suggestion for you…’epscially since you’re NOT on any alcohol…
    Words supplied, please supply me with a video of you if you decide to do it.


  3. I enjoyed very much reading the last few installments of your trip log in sequence. This is sounding like a wonderful cruise full of interesting people. I’m also glad you figured out what was causing the Lastrada set-back. I need to make a note of that lesson for myself and file it away for someday.

    thanks for sharing, enjoy the balance of the trip,

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