Day 11 – Malaga – Symphony of the Seas

We sailed into Malaga with the morning sunrise, calm seas, and barely a wind. The ship was cleared by 0730 and I really thought about watching the mad rush off ship. And didn’t bother. Instead I elected to go for coffee and a nice chat with a couple of gentlemen in the lounge.

The view from my balcony facing away from our pier. I have been here before, and have hiked the 30 minutes into town and back. 5E (anyone remember what the ASCII is for the Euro symbol? Apparently Apple doesn’t think it important to have … nor pounds sterling or  ….) is the cost of the shuttle bus – which the ship is quick to point out – it belongs to the City and they don’t have control …..

About mid-day, in what should turn out not to be a surprise to anyone who knows me well, I thought about getting off. I really did. This is a Catholic country and it Sunday. I have made the walk into town before as well as hiked up the old fort/battlements/whatever. So I settled for making a foray into the terminal where I found postcards and came right back to the ship.

I also broke down and turned on my phone. By doing so and paying AT&T the princely sum of $10 for 24 hours I was able to call the San Antonio bank idiots and spend 15 minutes wading through menus and less than helpful staff to get my credit card unlocked. Nothing like having dealt with multiple days of routine, automatic payments bouncing. I also found that certain merchants who are only in the US – such as Peet’s can’t be reached for password reset from a Spanish IP. Perhaps the amount of business from those outside the US, possessing a US bank account, and wanting to send something to a US recipient isn’t all that high?

Afternoon spent with the other stitchers who were all back on board.

making slow progress – this is actually a lot denser than I had originally thought. I would really like it done before I get off the ship.

and our late night positions. After crossing the ocean – it is amazing to see the density of ships.

tomorrow is our last day – Valencia, packing and a last wander of the ship.;…

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