dark photos and shorter days

Brage ribbing

Brage ribbing

I didn’t have much time to knit today and only managed a few rows on Brage’s ribbing which is slow going anyway considering it is worsted weight yarn on 3.00 needles being knit through the back loop in one direction because I like the way it looks.

Not the way it photographs, with flash it is bleached out. Without it is too dark. Here I am being energy conscious and using those wonderful energy efficient lightbulbs that leave me feeling like I am working in a dimly lit cave.

It is also why you still have not see decent photos of Faery Ring’s sleeves. The only way I can photo the process of setting in and knitting a sleeve into a shaped armhole is with natural light. Said daylight seems to be disappearing on me at the rate of 3-4 minutes a day.

Enough on that whine, everyone north of the equator is dealing with the same issue, only the speed of the day shortening is different. Just about as much fun to listen to as my morning spent in briefings which were full of abbreviations and issues about which (even after being here for 20 months) I was totally clueless.

I am off to be up early; taking my cough on sick call. After coughing so hard that I almost fell off the treadmill tonight, I am willing to acknowledge that enough is enough. All I can do is hope that the x-ray equipment is functioning.

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2 Responses to dark photos and shorter days

  1. Kathryn says:

    Our daylight will disappear at the end of the month – nightlight will appear instead. Being a morning person this is not a good thing for me. I will be interested, very interested in the progress of Brage.

  2. Angeluna says:

    Oh dear on the cough! Hope you get that taken care of ASAP!

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