Dari and Deadlines


Some brilliant person or other decided that all of us (the entire fricking theater) needed to learn some Dari. Or Pashtu if you are so inclined and living in that area of Afghanistan.

Think about it – all of us with a computer based learning program, Windoze only of course, that takes hours to get through and teaches us something fun that has no practical use.

Wait! I can use it to talk with the guys in the serving lines who don’t look at women, much less speak to women. Ok – how about the dudes at the Laundry? No – wait – there is nothing in the training materials that includes such practical words such as socks, underwear, bras, or uniforms…

Now for the smart or efficient – they got the word on a couple of group learns where you could sign in, sleep while the power point show was projected and get your certificate on the way out. I just heard about that method today, too late to get to play. But it does explain how the locations with minimal computer access are dealing with this wonderful requirement.

Please understand, I am not against learning languages, I just want to learn something that might be useful – like Korean. Or Uzbecki. Or Polish. Something that I might get a chance to use. There is also the slight matter of being dyslexic so that all those squiggles in the middle blur together.


I mentioned that I finished the first half of my Family Medicine Learning Module? Right, now I have to do the second half. Allegedly it only takes 1-2 hours. If I manage to pass. With luck it will only take a couple of passes through, then I can put off the next phase till this time next year.

(See Dari above – 31 Dec)

Then there are three awards that I need to write plus two nominations, a trip report, a postal run and …. my head hurts just thinking about it. What I really wanted to do was make services (all ready too late for that), read a book and get some sleep.

I think I will be settling for dinner and some sleep since I am covering a ton of unfun stuff tomorrow.

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5 Responses to Dari and Deadlines

  1. Diane says:

    It would seem that you are having the same sort of ridiculous day I am!

    What are these people smoking? I have enough trouble with English/American and gave up trying to teach myself Welsh (yes I have tried).

    I too am a bit dyslexic (mostly with numbers) as is my daughter so I do understand.

    Someone in a higher office definitely has too much time on their hands!

  2. Ron says:

    the program probably got some staff Major an MSM… or worse, Bronze Star since it is a combat theater.

  3. Allison says:

    Too funny!!

    I hope you and your teeth are feeling much better by now…

  4. Barbara says:

    Well, Dari is pretty close to Farsi. I get different stories from Iranians here on what the differences are — some say it’s just in the pronunciation.

    but hey next time you were in Los Angeles, you could reap benefits from learning Farsi!

    1. Learn where the latest sales are from Persian women (as if you were a big shopper).

    2. Listen in on the gossip about people you don’t know. Maybe you’d even understand what they were saying about you.

    3. Probably get discounts on Persian ice cream on Westwood Blvd.

    Anyhow, that’s my language input for the day.

    Chodoh – Hafez (good day-goodbye I think),

  5. Carmen says:

    Ach. You never know when a little Dari will come in helpful.

    I hope you get through your stuff.

    Learning language is good for the brain cells. Staves off Alzheimer’s.

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