Curry Night

Tomorrow starts the DGAMS Study Period. Means that most people show up today, hang out over drinks in the evening, then have an informal dinner. It was a curry buffet. I like the chef here. Not only does he have  well prepared meals which are excellently presented, but there was an avocado salad just waiting for me as a substitute and a vegetable/mushroom stroganoff….

much more fun than driving around in the rain, picking up mail and running errands.


My sister probably furnished the most thought provoking comment… If the comments weren’t working on the second and no one could wish me happy birthday…did my birthday really happen? Can I just count it as skipped this year (as seemed to be the case with significant numbers of my family members).

On to Random Numbers – I hit the Graphpad site. Nifty little toy that.  It gave me me Mary (aka Bunnyfoofoo) ,  Christiane, Ginny and Nicole (no website…). I am about to send off messages/emails looking for mailing addresses. Nothing like US, Canada, and Germany in the mix.


Couple of inches progress on the sweater sleeves. Want to have this finished up before the weekend…. ha…


I forgot to mention – a must listen for all of you medical types. Badge of Infamy by Lester Del Ray.  It might not make any sense to anyone who is not US familiar, but the underlying premise might just still be too accurate.  Read my Steve Wilson of Prometheus Radio Theater fame.

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One Response to Curry Night

  1. Christiane says:

    I am doing the happy dance, tralala .
    I will send you my mailing address which I completely forgot to add in my ravelry mail, I was stunned!

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