Nothing like a medical appointment first thing on Monday morning to set the tone of the day. Managing to get a couple of positive things done before blowing Landstuhl to head out to a knit meet, I had almost recovered.

Then my buddy and I found the yarn store in Weinheim closes for lunch (1300-1430) negating any chance I had for a shop and a sit down.

List as long as a mile buzzing in my head, I get home to find I have been invaded. There are men (several of them) tearing up my landscaping.

and now there is a hole

and now there is a hole

Now to truly understand, you need to picture what was there before. According to this lovely guy, it once was nice and has over grown to the point it is a jungle, completely obscuring the house from the street.

if I can see the street....

if I can see the street....

Nothing wrong with that; my preference as a matter of fact. I don’t want people to see in, to see the house. Problem is no one asked me or I would have told them to just leave it alone. The DHs idea.

Ok. I take a deep breath and head up to the terrace. There is someone reading in a chair, there is someone painting. I feel like a small child whose balloon just popped. I had counted on peace and quiet, a few minutes alone and here there are people at my house. I know this is totally unreasonable. I am an adult. I should be flexible and accustomed to the fact that I really don’t exist by myself in the world (hah!)

After heading to the computer and working for several hours, I took paperbacks, crawled into bed.

Whining. No excuse.

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2 Responses to Crabby

  1. Ruth says:

    I do rather understand the issues about the house and yard. As we’re exisiting in one over-crowded room right now (other than bedrooms) I get no peace at all. Yesterday we had 100 F out of the blue and such fumes in the house that I chose to sit outside rather than attempt to breathe inside! I’m whining, too. Do I need an excuse?

  2. nana says:

    It would have made me whining, too.

    So sorry the day was nothing like expected.

    There always is another time to try again though.
    With the yarnshop, too.

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