Since I spent the hours of daylight yesterday imitating a mountain goat I saw no reason not to head to the highest point on this end of the island for a look-see.

Taking the ship’s shuttle around to the far side, we were let off at the old fortress. Entry fee was a paltry 6€ if I remember correctly. A couple of small rooms contained museum type exhibits.

There were various areas for fortifications, ammunitions, barracks both medieval and modern

I then headed for the high point; the lighthouse.

The old fortress dates from the mid 6th century CE (various barbarian hordes) and in its current form from Venetian rule (138x – 1797). The lighthouse was obviously a late addition.

With hours left to departure, I walked along the shore road toward the ship. With any sense (or research ahead of time) I could have easily hiked both over and back from the ship. Passing several signs for museums, the actual attempt to find them proved futile since once I headed up various stone steps into the old city – there were no further signs for anything!

But the day was lovely and stretching out my legs, even at a much slower speed than my normal rapid stroll was lovely in the clear and sunny weather.

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