Concert vs Performance Art

Perhaps a small bit of knowledge, microscopic as a matter of fact, can be completely dangerous. Prior I am sure that I mentioned that one of the lecture series I am completing is on Art History. The course, taught by Jeannene Przyblyski (CalArts), is actually my first exposure to an analysis of Art. She is mostly directing this course toward artists, animators and gamers so it is a bit more eclectic and not regimented in a forward march through time and development of different “isms.”


Much of the content has been related to painting with photography, mixed media, film, animation clips and performance pieces tossed in. I am a science person. Where I know that various science discipline build on the discoveries which preceded, I didn’t think of these principles as relating to art. So, ok I will acknowledge being fairly narrowly focused which takes me back to why I am attempting to educate myself a bit. But thinking might just be  a dangerous thing. You can start employing it situations where the person who is the artist/musician/performer may have absolutely no intension of making any kind of statement at all.


Which, at the end left me extremely conflicted. Joanne Marie is an excellent young Polish violinist who plays the musician’s part in the ice show “Strings.” She gave a matinee performance today with the ship’s orchestra. There  she stood on the stage, young, blond, and shining silver evening gown. She started her performance with a medley from Fiddler on the Roof.

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