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Complexity of Cousins — 7 Comments

  1. Enjoyed this post. We’ve got a bit more family than you but so split off it seems much the same.
    Never had to dodge mortars while on submarines, but it did make me think a lot about relationships. I still do today and wonder where my favorite long lost friend (should have been brother) is at these days.

    Cheers and my blessings to you out there in the field.
    @tojosan just about everywhere.

  2. Cousins?? Relatives?? You want to see cousins and relatives…..then just start your family tree. In the early days of my research I used to send out Christmas cards to all of them (and those who I could remember birthdays and anniversaries). I must have helped contribute to the deforestation of some place on this earth. What is frightening is that I can still recall, to memory, the list of who is related to whom without the benefit of my laptop database.

    There is more out there than you realise 🙂

  3. I use FamilyTreeMaker for the more complicated relationships.

    I think it is a rural thing rather than a southern thing. It is in stable (older) small towns that people are more interested in the kinship issues. In Two Harbors that sort of conversation was common – old small town. Not so in Silver Bay (new small town, so people were not related to anyone.)

  4. From your resident genealogist: It’s really easy. Andrew is your first cousin, once removed. He is the second cousin of your children.

  5. I hope you will have managed a good, restful sleep after experiencing this latest round of shelling.

    Dear friend, does this happen a lot?

  6. Shelling is common on a lot of posts. Mostly at night which gives them a little bit of protection from observation and the attack helicopters which go hunting. Their normal aim is pretty bad and it is not common that they hit anything.

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