I am not sure if I imagined seeing my breath in the bedroom this morning. Certainly, it was 5° C outside and a bit more than that in.

My boiler is not cooperating and will not stay lit. Simply put, I don’t have heat.

I do have three duvets (one under, two on top) with flannel covers, wool socks and sweat clothes.

Frankly, it reminds me of a Minnesota folk singer who wrote a lovely song about wearing long underwear, a shirt, three sweaters, pants, etc then getting out of bed to get dressed.

No question going to work this morning was an improvement over home.

I managed to get the Mole’s cell phone cancelled (he lost it) and will order him a new handset.

That was the good news.

The more challenging – I tried to call in a work order. There is a hold because of something called an “electrical appliance inspection” that I know nothing about. No repairs till the inspection is complete.


The people who do the inspection are not answering the phone and their answer phone is clicking on and off without apparently recording messages.

Good work if you can get it.

Meanwhile, the water heater is on electricity as an alternate so I do have warm water. I have a thermos, I have warm clothes.

And, of course, I have a lot of wool.

Drops 111-1

I am pleased with the sweater back. Rather than stripes, I decided to go with another full diamond, then will finish the sides with 1/4 diamond insets

sweater back

sweater back

The front is not as pleasing. The stripes are both wide and boring. Frogging is in the future with a choice of 1/4 diamonds going in two different directions to keep up the angle theme.

sweater front

sweater front

Otherwise: blasting through audio books, having completed Bed of Roses – Nora Roberts, Kindred in Death – JD Robb and Obsidian Prey – Jayne Castle over the weekend. Easy listening and requiring no particular thought or concentration…..

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