there are these entities called private islands out here. Some of them are larger, some smaller, but all represent an attempt on the part of the cruise lines to keep revenues flowing.

Turning down the opportunity to do engage in a number of sports (diving, snorkeling, wave riders, parasailing….) all of which involve a significant outlay of cash I decided instead to take a hike down the nature trail. Now, this walk can be accomplished (all 2 miles of the loop) with the help of a nature guide. Or, as in my case, it can be walked alone which means that you have to read the rare sign totally and completely on your own.

Nothing fancy for plants and no lizards out at all. I think the group with children that was about 30 minutes ahead of me pretty much cleared out anything with remote sense.

off into “the wilds”

So, when the skys opened up and offered rain without rainbow – I boarded one of the tenders and headed back to the ship.

Ship off CocoCay

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