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  1. Holly,
    The yarn my son has given to me is indeed Alpaca, in fact 100% Luxurious Baby Alpaca, 50g -113m /124yd. The label recommends using needle 5.5 st = 1″ (whatever that means!). Colors include: 3 beige, 2 pale yellow, 2 crimson (Bama Mom reference), 2 steel wool colored grey and 1 dusty rose colored.
    What do you recommend for me, a never before knitter, left handed writer but uncoordinated right hand dominate hat maker?
    BTW, DS will be spending at least another year at Bama so we’re saying “Roll Tide”.

    • I think they are recommending you use a size 5 needle which will give you about 5 stitches per inch. or 20 stitches will be about 4″ wide. You have 8 balls, right? which means a total of ~ 800 yards which is a fair amount of yarn.

      How many projects do you want to make? The Alpaca works well for scarves, vests, hats. It won’t hold up for gloves, mittens or socks since it would wear through relatively fast.

      Scarves make good first projects since there is normally absolutely no shaping involved and all you have to do is go back and forth.

      Are you registered for Ravelry.com? This is the free discussion board, data base and project tracker for knitters. You could look up the yarn and see what other people have made with it for ideas. You can also search patterns for “free” “scarf” and the weight of the yarn so it will take it down to just those that would work with little adjustment.

      The good thing about scarves is that gauge is not important.

      You could also be brave and knit a hat. going around and a round on a single 16″ circular needle, a few decreases, then when there aren’t enough stitches to get around the circle just run a needle thought the remaining stitches. Would give you a pouffy type top, but since it is on the top of your head, you aren’t going to see it….

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