Clear Skies

Lately when I have been flying it has been overcast, night on those rare occasions where I have been able to score a window seat.

On this forever flight from Frankfurt (who new it was cheaper to go Heathrow-Frankfurt-San Francisco than to change planes in the US) I just left the camera in my backpack. Buried under everyone’s coats and gear. We will not talk about crowded planes or people who think that they should be able to sit where they choose in spite of seat assignments now will we).

Flying west – the skies were clear and sharp. Flying west at 1430 Frankfurt time. Staying in a bright day the whole time. Over coast lines, waters, imposing Greenland. Hudson Bay chocked with ice flows. Vast barren tundras of Northern Canada and the magnificance of the new world mountain ranges. On approach, the jewel that is San Francisco sparkled in the sun with the arches of the Golden Gate reflected off the water; sun still clear above the horizon.

And me without my camera.

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