Clean Up

And it was a quiet day here. Mostly because I put off taking the hoover for a spin in favor of snacks

cleaning the kitchen, blocking a sweater

and knitting.

Shawl Collared Vest

the steeks were basted

sewn on the machine

and cut open

I will admit that the second armhole was much easier than the first. Something about sewing on flat fabric making it easier but then it makes sense when working on flat fabric.

Once past that – it was a matter of knitting the garter band and I cord bind off for the armholes and a three needle bindoff for the shoulder. Most of the time I love the way EZ (Elizabeth Zimmerman) designed things. But in this case

I don’t like the look of the seam on the outside. It might be a design detail for some, but not for me. 20 minutes later I had the seam unpicked.

You ever notice that the things that you want to rip out stick together? Those little threads happily grabbing on to each other for dear life which the complicated lace just slithers off the needle with enough stitches dropping to lose the pattern completely?

These stitches were fat and slow enough that I managed a complete capture on the first round.

I have the garter border for the vest completed. All that remains is the bind off and button loops.

No books today – it was DvDs to knit by.


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  1. Gina says:

    Pretty vest in progress Holly. I’ve never done a steek and I’m always very impressed by those who dare. What do you think of “Mr. Greenjeans”? I love mine – wear it all the time. It’s warm enough to wear outside on our nice spring days and cozy enough to leave the furnace down on days like today when there’s fresh snow on the ground.

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