Clean Up

There was a choice this morning – take a day off, rest. Or get it over with – all the paperwork that I have let slide. The forms that need to be printed, filled out and scanned. The travel claims that need to be filed yet this fiscal year; the bits of paper floating here and there.

Or I could relax, enjoy Shabbat and do all of this tomorrow.

We already know that I am quite skilled at procrastination. Then there is the problem of not being sure exactly how many hours it was going to take to get through everything. Good chance that I would run out of energy and still have a mess on my hands on Monday.

Biting the bullet, I decided to be brave and start today.

At the start, there were piles of stuff in several rooms.

Consolidating it always makes it feel worse at the start.

(and if the camera CF chip was willing to give up its secrets – you might get pixs).

Keeping steadily at it with little time out for wandering and doodling at 2200 two rooms were completely straightened out, receipts sorted, paperwork all organized and the first 20 or so things scanned. Since I was on a roll, I printed out all the forms that I still have to fill out.

Glad I started today, no way was this a single day job.


Another two repeats on the Candle Flame Scarf.

Audio Books

Fuzzy Nail – JA Konrath. Bought new (not on sale) when it came out, then lost. Found in one of those above pictured piles, it played in the background to encourage my cleaning.

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