It was this morning when chatting with a couple of other knitters when the realization hit. I am traveling around the globe. Using various methods of travel, I am traveling continuously west over these months till I return to my staring point in Heidelberg.

Let me recap – 6 Sept –¬† took a cab from home to the train station, then the train to Frankfurt Airport. Frankfurt Airport to Calgary. POV, Shuttle Bus, tour bus to Banff-Lake Louise-Jasper. Train to Vancouver. Train to Seattle. Flight to SFO, rental car back to the airport in a day or so, flight to Chicago (ok, so I went east a bit), shuttle bus to Dani’s, foot travel in Chicago. shuttle bus back to the airport – flight to San Diego. Shuttle bus to hotel.

23 Sept РSan Diego РEnsenada by tour bus then Solstice to Hawaii. Solstice from Hawaii and currently en-route  After spending a lot of time in and around Australia & New Zealand I will eventually take a flight from Sydney to Hong Kong, change planes and fly to Frankfurt. Bit of a train ride and I will have traveled around the world, but it will take longer than 80 days.

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