So I have these four colour options none of which are really what I want, but hey, I want this sweater done. It is either 75% complete (and I knit a solid upper back) or 50% complete and I reknit the side extensions and upper back throwing in a supplemental yarn.

The Mole likes black. He figures it is always great as an accent color.

adding black

up close, it was a possible. When I looked at it from across the room, it overwhelmed everything else. There just is not that much black in the basic yarn.

So there is this grey –

wrong grey family

but it just looks wrong, too dark, and a bit too blue for the fabric. I also have to admit that both the black and the grey are never present as solids which might contribute to their being a bit suspect.

Looking at the orange, I could not make myself try it. I really, really don’t wear orange. A bit in a pattern is one thing, but adding 40% orange to the mix is just beyond me.

With an hour knitting time each way on the party bus to Andover (don’t ask – it is another military reorganization and relocation for no one’s pleasure or convenience) for the day’s briefings – I went ahead and jumped in with the red.

the reddish color

It is lighter than the rust red and obviously a whole lot darker than the orange. I think it  gives the impression of the pattern being spread out a bit more. I am going to have to think about it.

The pattern on the back extension is 4 rows of garter followed by a short row. I elected to add the reddish on either side of the short row in order limit the addition to 40% of the yarn and make sure that the grey and black would not completely disappear.

Now if I can just keep plugging away and resist starting something new…..

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2 Responses to Choices

  1. Ruth says:

    So far, I like your solution!

  2. Carmen says:

    Well, you are right about the grey, that didn’t go. The black would become a ‘feature’, as in “accent”, not a ‘neutral’ supporting character, which the reddish seems to be doing.

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