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Charge of the Sock Brigade — 8 Comments

  1. What a fantastic rendition of an old classic. I think, if Tennyson knit, he would be so proud. Thanks for making me smile.

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  3. Jaywalking forward,
    Monkeying around,
    The one hundred knitters
    Don’t make a sound
    Save for the click
    Of needles in hand
    One hundred knitters…
    A gallant band.

  4. Into the Valley of Panic,
    Into the arms of harm,
    The gallant band goes forward.
    At least their feet are warm.

    (Oh jeez, stop me now. This is too addictive.)

  5. I think the final verse should be close to the original with just a few twists:

    When will their fingers fade?
    O the wild challenge they made!
    All the knitters wonder’d.
    Honour the commitment they made!
    Honour the Sock Brigade,
    Noble 52pr Plungers!

    A great challenge for sure!

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  7. Chaos and Mayhem sent me… and I can’t resist a parody.

    Ne’er will the colors fade
    Of the wild socks they made!
    It was a wonder.
    So ends this serenade
    Of Pomatomi and Charades,
    Noble knitting hundred!

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