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  1. The Greeks said a man could never cross a river twice, as next time both he and the river had changed.

    I was a Transportation Corps Officer in 1973.

    Now here I am at Ft Eustis, and there is no longer a Transportation Corps.

    It has become part of Logistics Corps.

  2. I look in the mirror and I don’t always recognize the 54 year old face with the drawn lines looking back at me. One of the joys of academia is being around people who are mostly younger than me – it helps me stay a happy resident of denial-land.

  3. I had similar experiences every time I traveled through Ramstein coming back from Turkey and other bases in that part of the world. I have had both good and not so good experiences with the US Customs folks and have been billeted in various Qs. Having first started going to Germany in the 70s through my last visit in 2002 brought home the points you have made. I too wonder what has happened since I obviously have not aged as much as I am told I have. I did realize I was getting older when the sons and daughter of my peers began showing up either in my unit or in one of the services. When they came to visit, especially in uniform there was a change in them but a realization that since I had known them for years, some since their birth that something was up. One thing I do have to accept is my body has not aged as gracefully and I think I have…LOL

  4. yes indeedy do , have we seen our best years?

    are you one of the old foggies? i never think how i look.

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