Change of plans

I popped into the office early today as there was to be a leaving breakfast starting at 0730. Sometime while I was out of town, the time was changed to 1230.

And me with late morning plans. Right.

My run to Croughton was moved up in the day a bit (lets see, more than an hour there, nothing opens till 1000, I need to go four places and then be back here by 1230. RIght)

All of this ranked right up there with trying to comunicate with the British Department of Motor vehicle registration. It seems that they still have me listed as the keeper of a car we sold in Jan. Never mind that I called them, or let them know (complete with copies of the German registration for the new owner) that it was no longer my car. It seems they want a late fee for not registering that car on time. By the time I was done attempting to converse with them and had convinced them I was not paying a full late fee, I truly had a migraine


The Heart of Valour by Tanya Huff. Good, solid, military sci-fi.


From Ladenburg

From Ladenburg

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