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Veteran’s Day

Today is the last day of cruising for 2/3 of those on board. Tomorrow we dock in Hong Kong which makes that sort of your bog standard turnover day. It will also be an extremely  short turnover – as we … Continue reading

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Almost gone

Staring in 1986, my first assignment out of the AEHA Occupational Medicine residency was to Army Materiel Command which was located at the time on the southern beltway stretch in Virginia, not that far from DC. I mention this because … Continue reading

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Scottish Veterans

To start off with the reminder – the UK is not just England, but Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland.  The Army here is based on the regimental system (and I am sure that Beverly, David, and a few others will … Continue reading

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Remembrance Day

None of us remember WWI. In fact, most of those who served in WWII are gone. I am  of the Viet Nam & Cold War generation. Only one of my four is old enough to remember a divided Germany and … Continue reading

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Sirens at noon – Sofia

Unlike what our guide assured us yesterday – there are most assuredly sirens at noon today. It is 2 June and the sirens – sounding out from multiple locations in the city and lasting for two minutes – are in … Continue reading

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Seven Bridges in Budapest

According to our guide (and so worthless that almost half the group walked away from his tour on top of the Buda side of the river, electing to walk back rather than listen to drivel and ride a bus) there … Continue reading

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The phone are

There are either too many options, or not enough I was thinking as we discovered logistical chain impacts on cell phones as well. Perhaps (or not) you are old enough to remember the single household phone on the kitchen wall? … Continue reading

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Measles and Ft McCoy

When I spent part of summer there, it was Camp McCoy. July and August in Wisconsin can be humid on top of being hot. There were fields all around us. I was there as a doc, part of my annual … Continue reading

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Twenty years on

since life as most of us in the US (and particularly those of us who were active duty at the time) literally saw our world crash and burn. As a country, somehow we were shocked to be attacked on our … Continue reading

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It is true – memorials are for the living. An attempt to remember with occasional side trips into glory or honor. Not counting in these particular numbers, those that provide a stark memory to how things go wrong. When I … Continue reading

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11 September

There are 19 years separating us from those horrible events. There are voters now who were no t even alive when those planes came down: into the Twin Towers in New York; into the Pentagon; into a field in Pennsylvania. … Continue reading

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Whatever in 2009

I looked back at 2009. Eleven years ago. The blog is mostly about the sweater I was knitting at the time – the infamous Phoenix –   and dashing to the train. nothing about Passover, little about work or the … Continue reading

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MTV 2006 – Community Seder

Continuing my drift into the past, given that is it infinitely more interesting than the present where everyday is like every other day (and not, why is this day/night/meal different)…. 12 April 2006, Wednesday Community Seder, MTV Chapel After finishing … Continue reading

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MTV 2005

MTV = Mark Twain Village. 2005 is obviously a year. The specific date was the 23rd of April. I thought about waiting till then to post, but, since Passover dates float – it wouldn’t make much sense to post it … Continue reading

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Different Places – different years

I have been thinking back over where I have been in different years for Passover. Over the next several days – I am going to try and work my way forward from as long as I have been writing this … Continue reading

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Day 4 – CWVLC

Nothing like trying to log in to a video conference from a ship floating somewhere in the Caribbean. It worked. Sort of. Maybe. Otherwise worked on my paper and did a bit of cross stitch.

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Order and discipline

are key underpinnings of the military. Without them, the team doesn’t function. In high risk situations, people can die. And not the enemy, but your own. This is a rant. Skip it, if for some reason you think a president … Continue reading

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Get a poppy, wear a poppy

It doesn’t have to be large and obvious – it could be as small and polite as this pin or larger and more flamboyant like these This is not a day for going shopping, dealing with holiday decorations (hello? for … Continue reading

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stands for Student Veteran’s Organization. UCHastings has almost 900 students in total. Less than 30 are veterans. Think about it for a second. This is well under the number at other schools in the area. The rejoinder might he that … Continue reading

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Friends around the world

For those of us who travel and are at all sociable, you collect friends around the world. If you don’t travel, but have professional interests–likely the same. For all the fiber fanatics, there is Ravelry, so again, communications with other … Continue reading

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