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Beside the Sea

This weekend the last part on this SAL (stitch-a-long) was released. Normally Patty releases her pattern updates on Friday, but delayed till today. That was fine with me. It is not like I don’t have enough other things to work … Continue reading

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After staying in Ashland this past night, I drove the rest of the way to Portland. Discovering that the people for whom I was hauling toys from my garage lived in the SW area which turned out to be the … Continue reading

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Ashland Oregon

A friend assures me is a lovely town, well worth a visit in non-Covid times. There is a Shakespeare Festival, historic inns. It might be lovely, it might be industrial, I have no clue. When arriving off I-5 around 1900 … Continue reading

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Whatever in 2009

I looked back at 2009. Eleven years ago. The blog is mostly about the sweater I was knitting at the time – the infamous Phoenix –   and dashing to the train. nothing about Passover, little about work or the … Continue reading

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Fleet Week

is just starting in San Francisco. In the back of my head, I sort of had filed the information away along with all the other local events that are interesting but don’t elicit any personal interest in participation. Then I … Continue reading

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Cotton Blanket

So, my day wasn’t all that exciting. knit into a blanket. Finished now except for the blocking a bunch of nagging and errands.  

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and yes, there is knitting

since it is something I can pick up and put down whenever there is an interruption. Last Friday, when I stopped at Avenue Yarns – I decided to buy another ball of some kind of cotton that would be easy … Continue reading

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As far as I can go

on my shawl for the Wild Swan MKAL. In case I haven’t explained it – MKAL stands for Mystery Knit Along. The pattern for the knit-a-long is published in increments which means that none of us participating have a clue … Continue reading

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and today is?

It was partway through the day when I figured out that one half of the email list was dated correctly and the other half stated it was “19 Jan 2019.” Now obviously that was not true. What was probably worse … Continue reading

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What used to be here

A long time ago – or when I lived in Heidelberg – which may or may not be all that long ago in geological terms I wrote about some of the brass plaques inserted in various sidewalk locations in memory … Continue reading

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Wild Swan

For something completely unrelated to all my usual bitch, moans, and whines – knitting! The Gradient Group on Ravelry is having a knit along (KAL) and the pattern is called Wild Swans. After looking at several of the spoilers, it … Continue reading

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Tiling in the New Year

The break is over. Today we have workman on the foundation downstairs. Yes the foundation is complete, but they are adding the steps/skirting at the entrances. We looked at ramps, and they can still be added in the future but … Continue reading

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No, I didn’t bother to take the tour today. I figured it out. Instead I went for a short walk. Well, not so short. Instead of heading directly into town I went left to the old Navy port and where … Continue reading

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Projects update

It seems much more reasonable to update you on my fiber projects than to discuss the As horrible performance in Texas last night. It takes some kind of talent to lose a game 10:5. Obviously the pitchers weren’t doing well … Continue reading

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Down memory lane

last night I finally downloaded the 2007-2015 content from in preparation for cancelling the site.  Should I bother to tell you how many spam comments I had to kill. I found them, of course after I had done the … Continue reading

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Hatter up!

Now, as you have probably figured, I ride BART regularly. But as it turns out, I am really only familiar with a couple of routes. I go into SF or to SFO or to the Coliseum/OAK and from any of them … Continue reading

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Making progress

one hat completed, the other almost there…

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Not 500 hats but…..

of hats – I had this sudden thought today – I have too many hats in progress. I have this blue watch cap which will have a fold up brim. It is long, striped and I worked on it at … Continue reading

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The hat saga

talking about the Exeter Hat for Bill took me back to when I started this whole, perhaps has not silly, knitting hats for fellow cruisers. The year was 2013 and I had been back cruising on Royal Caribbean for a … Continue reading

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The five year hat

Since it was raining, I had the perfect excuse to stay home. My prednisone is done, there were some scones that wanted to be baked and that cross-stitch to be finished. So, I got to be the one watching everyone … Continue reading

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