I am making slow but steady progress.

Two more boxes have been emptied and most of the knitting books are back on the shelves. Yarn is in storage bins and clothes bags are in the bedroom although not sorted out or unpacked. I made nice piles of stuff on the dining room table (His, theirs and mine), and have steadily been adding to the “going out box.”

A good friend is taking a lot of the older audiobooks off my hands. She has a cassette player as well as CD/MP3 and I am happy to pass these along. Also in the box are leftovers of sock yarn for her “going to be how big?” blanket from scraps. I have thought about doing one of those, then decided to forgo it in favor of sweaters and comforters with flannel covers.

Lastly, I have been cataloging books again. As you might remember, the audiobooks (real vs electron versions have been done, I am now starting on the books… the hundreds and hundreds of books we have in the house. I broke down and have purchased a bar code reader. Even with a number keypad, data entry was just taking too long….

I had extensive catalogs once. The computer crashed and locked files which I was never able to open. It is time to try again….. meanwhile, letting me avoid other parts of the organization and cleaning!

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  1. Mary says:

    Have you seen ? I catalogued everything into that – I won’t lose it that way, no matter what my computer does. And yes, it can use your bar code reader!

    I doubt if you remember, but you sent me some Opal before it was readily available in the States. I knit it up and the socks are still with me. Funny thing is, I bought some more last year and it looks to be a twin of the yarn you sent! The first pair has yellowed some over the years, but they still look pretty good! So thanks again!

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