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  1. Oh, yeh. Since of getting slightly older and confused. In fact, there the saying – when you find your car keys in the freezer – it is time to give up driving..

  2. When Josh was 13ish he miss placed his cell phone. He was looked all over the main floor for it. We then decided to call the phone. He heard it and finally realized it was in the rear pocket of his baggy shorts. Hence came the Hammer family adage, “if it’s up your ass you’d know where it is”

  3. So glad George is home! BTW Key Fobs, which come form the dealership when you purchase a new car, can be replaced with same electronic “coding” if you go back to that dealership, and/or come with a number to identify the coding in the event they need to be replaced. Granted, they are pricey. About $100. but mine is buried in my purse, never having to see the light of day or get lost as I never really have to touch it. The car responds to my touch when it is present. Once I got used to it, it is so much more efficient then a regular key. I encourage you to try it sometime!

  4. I looked at that. I think it is also dependent on the make of car. We were quoted more like $350 if an electronic key had to be replaced…. so for right now, I will guard our precious one key, and try to remember to hang it on the keyboard when home, each and every time!

  5. better than me looking for my reading glasses when they are on top of my head.

    I have seven pairs.

    Barely enough.

  6. My fob broke yesterday and to get a new one will cost somewhere in the neighborhood of $200. Glad you found your key! (Now go make a copy.)

    • new key is on the list. It would have been done, if I could just call it in to the dealership….

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